Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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15 Bisexual Men Who Prove It's Not Just a Phase


83 Photos: Category Is — Jockstrap, Underwear, & Booty Shorts


'Deadnaming' Trans Women Isn't Just Insulting, It Subverts Justice

The way cops in Jacksonville, Fla., and other jurisdictions investigate the murders of transgender women adds insult to injury and may hinder the solving of cases.


Transphobic Denny's Customer Claims LGBTQ Folks Are 'Bullying' Her

Months after chasing a trans woman from a restroom, Jazmina Saavedra now believes that she is a victim.


Don Lemon on Why Survivors Don't Always Report Sexual Assault

The out CNN anchor said his own story and that of a loved one show why survivors don't immediately come forward.


Transgender Suicide Is More Than a Mental Health Issue

Government policy and legislation impact lives just as much as the availability of health care services.



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