Monday, September 24, 2018
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A Bisexual Koala Is Taking the Stigma Out of STIs

A new illustrated book for adults has a novel approach to sex education.


Seeing Through the Bi Erasure That Swirls Around Cynthia Nixon

The actress and politician now seems comfortable with the b word, but so many others don't.


90 Photos Celebrate the End of Near Nakedness in Provincetown


Matthew Shepard's Children

A new generation fights for our rights 20 years after one of the nation's most infamous antigay hate crimes.


Matt Shepard, Tyler Oakley: Lives Separated by Two Decades of Change

An icon for a new generation of activists, social media star Tyler Oakley revels in possibilities.


Writer Edwin Bodney Takes Aim at Gay Racism

Would Matthew Shepard's killing have gotten the attention it did if he was black? Edwin Bodney knows the answer to that question.



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